Essays at The Philadelphia Citizen | Ongoing

As a freelancer, I have published essays that discuss my experiences as a survivor who chose to report. Years later, I still have heard nothing regarding my case and never expect authorities to pursue my attacker at any point. Publishing these pieces of writing was a powerful moment of healing. In my own small way, I hope discussing my experiences reduces the stigma that surrounds survivors of sexual assault. Please find my essays below:

Controversy University | February 2019

Recognized by the national and prestigious Hearst Journalism Awards
A longform package that explored how recent scandals at Temple University impacted its yearly donation projections. Interviewed about 50 subjects and sourced relevant data to produce a comprehensive story

Feeling closer to home | Published in May 2018

A three-part longform focused on international students’ experiences at Temple and the support the university provides them. A collaborative effort amongst all 20 Temple News’ staff members, which I oversaw as Managing Editor. Personal essays by international students are included due to a collaboration between TTN and Freely, an on-campus magazine focused on international students’ experiences. Incorporated graphics, video and photos

The ripple effect of student death | Published in December 2017

Awarded first place for Public Service/Enterprise Package in the 2018 student Keystone Press Awards 
Examined Temple’s procedures when responding to student death after five students died suddenly in one semester and spoke to the loved ones of late students for this two-part longform piece, published online and in print. Incorporated photo, graphics and video.

Managing Editor of Covering Addiction: Living Free | May 2017

Finalist for three 2017 Editor & Publisher awards and awarded second place for Ongoing News Coverage in the 2018 student Keystone Press Awards 
Organized and oversaw about 20 students working on a semester-long reporting project that focused on solutions journalism and addiction in Philadelphia. Produced a website and book of the students’ reporting, alongside a breaking story about a man who received negligent care and died while waiting for treatment.

A community experiencing change | Published in April 2017

Awarded honorable mention for Public Service/Enterprise Package in the 2018 student Keystone Press Awards 
Part II of The Temple News’ special project, “The community and Temple: Exploring a complicated relationship.”  Incorporated photo, video and interactive graphics to tell the story of people who lived in Temple’s surrounding community and what their perception of the university is.

Treating an epidemic | Published in February 2017

Awarded the College Media Association’s 2017 Apple Award for Best Multimedia Package and Finalist for 2017 Editor & Publisher award 
A longform piece about the efforts of Temple’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine professors, Temple University Hospital physicians and North Philadelphia community organizations to combat the opioid epidemic. Features text, photo, graphics and video.

Treating people, not ailments | Published in December 2016

A 2,000-word piece detailing the implementation of the humanities into medical students’ studies at Temple’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine that incorporates interactive audio, video and graphics.

1 in 4 | Produced in May 2016

Participated in a gallery focused on breaking down the stigma surrounding people who struggle with mental health. Met with a model who struggled with depression and anxiety on multiple occasions to discuss his experiences and expressed them through photography.